The Crxssing

The Crxssing

Hailing from the Alternative, Pop, Rock melting pot of sunny California, The Crxssing greatly personifies the diverse sounds of their region. Their signature style, as well as technical ability, have quickly made them known, heard and enjoyed throughout the modern alt. rock scene.

The Crxssing’s knack of melody, as well as their strong writing ability, is apparent on their debut EP, True North. The EP expertly maps out a story containing bleeding-heart lyrics and vocals met with beautifully orchestrated drums, guitar and solid bass.

The group’s chemistry is closely resembled as brothers. Frontman/Guitarist Tad Kent has been a long-time collaborator & friend with Drummer/Backing Vocals Jesus Acevedo. The duo’s presence is obvious throughout their music as Kent’s vocals flow beautifully with Jesus’s signature drum grooves. They are also met with longtime colleague Damon Paraguas on Bass/Backing Vocals which furthers the group’s captivation and talent, giving The Crxssing a full and powerful sound both on and off stage.

Riding on the momentum of True North, The Crxssing is booking shows all over the west coast and plan to release their highly anticipated full length album later in 2016!


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September 15, 2016