Lane Change

Lane Change

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LANE CHANGE began in 2013 when four eclectic musicians came together for the one thing they had in common at the time, their love for music and performing.  Although their musical tastes were as diverse as their backgrounds, they soon found that their differences would help them focus their sound on a sub-genre of music, ROCK and SOUL.  Over 150 shows later, they have quickly become one of the most in-demand and talked about acts in the Southwest.  Fans are not only buzzing about their catchy originals and familiar covers, but also the energy and passion in which they deliver every performance. LANE CHANGE is a throwback power trio combining tasteful guitar riffs, walking bass lines, and driving rhythms with straightforward lyrics and soulfully delivered complex harmonies, resulting in a fresh yet classic alternative to today’s often overproduced music. Whether taking the stage for 10 or 10,000, the musicianship, showmanship, and professionalism of a LANE CHANGE performance is a refreshing and surprising change, guaranteed to have those in attendance talking about the show long after it’s over! Their live show is an engaging, high energy, concert-like experience, filled with rock and soul tunes that will have audiences dancing, singing, and remembering the “event” that is a LANE CHANGE performance!



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October 25, 2016