Caleb Whiting

Caleb Whiting

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Caleb Whiting, along with his producer Phil Armas, grew up in Watertown, NY and met on the streets in their neighborhood. They quickly learned that they could create music together and shared the same passion to entertain. In 2013, after their release of their song “Dream Chasers” created a buzz in their hometown. They were asked to open for Grammy Winner Kendrick Lamar at Jefferson Community College.
Since then, Caleb has been writing more songs and Phil has been producing his beats. They plan to release an album of their latest original work later this year. Besides opening for Kendrick Lamar, they have opened for artists like Apache Chief and Biz Markie.
From strong Hip Hop songs to thumping dance beats to a soulful blend of emotion packed lyrics, Caleb performs a show that many have raved about, because they bring a lot of energy to any size venue.


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November 23, 2016